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Welcome to our blog. Here we will be posting news, events and general updates from Logan's Nursery.

More Trees Please

Darcy Green - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Nursery & Garden Industry’s ‘Improve Your Plant Life Balance’ campaign moves into a different phase in 2012 with the launching of the ‘More Trees Please’ campaign. Outdoor Design Source quote a Newspoll research poll commissioned for the NGIA & Smart Approved WaterMark in November 2011 which shows that 89% of Australians want more green space in their cities and recognition of the value of trees and plants in people’s gardens.

The Newspoll results showed that:

• 73% saw their garden as a sanctuary for their mental wellbeing

• 83% saw it as a place for relaxation and taking time out

• 60% saw it as making their contribution to the environment

 “While an important aspect of the campaign will be to show the real value of trees in urban communities, the campaign also allows retailers and wholesalers the chance to come on board for the whole year and adopt the theme of More Trees Please,” said the NGIA President, Mr Craig Norman.  “We also hope that landscapers, designers and other green industry groups join us in promoting the message,” said Mr Norman.

“Friday March 2 is national ‘Improve Your Plant/Life Balance Day’ and we will kick off this year’s campaign by highlighting research which supports our theme of More Trees Please,” says CEO of NGIA Robert Prince.

Highlights of the research will be announced at a special ceremony in Canberra at the National Arboretum where a silky oak (Grevillea robusta) will be planted before an invited audience of industry and stakeholder representatives.

 The Shadow Minister of Climate Change, Environment and Heritage, The Hon Greg Hunt MP, as well as Mr John Hargeaves, MLA, ACT Government will assist in the planting of the tree and lend their support to the industry’s call for More Trees Please.

New Area Opened

Darcy Green - Thursday, February 09, 2012

The team at Logan's Nursery have been working hard to get everything ready for our new 20 acre growing area which has been specially designed to keep up with the huge demand for high quality tree stock. The trees are grown according to NATSPEC guidelines from the time of propagation and can be individually certified by an independent arborist if required*. Customers are also welcome to come to Donnybrook and have a look at the wide range of trees available. Our friendly staff are happy to show you around and you can select your own trees for your project. Appointments can be made with our Donnybrook staff on (07) 5498 8022 and are essential.

 *Certification is at customers expense


 Backhousia Citriodora 200Ltr Batch.


 Araucaria Heterophylla Batch



More New Photos!

Darcy Green - Thursday, February 09, 2012


 Cupaniopsis And Brachychiton Rupestris


 Assorted Row


Long Shot towards back of new area.


 Shot from potting pad.

 Towards Existing nursery.

 Down one side.

Whole area with windbreaks shown.

Pretty Dracena Draco's. 


Darcy Green - Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Logans can now be found on Facebook!!

 We intend to upload more photos, specials and news than ever before with the use of Facebook.


Find our profile here.

Myrtle Rust - Detection and Prevention

Darcy Green - Monday, February 07, 2011

Just before Christmas "Myrtle Rust" was detected at a retail nursery north of Brisbane. Further to that Myrtle Rust has been identified in additional nurseries in South-East Queensland and must be taken seriously.

Logan's Nursery has implemented multiple controls to avoid contracting "Myrtle Rust" including:

  • Avoiding the provision of any Myrtaceae family species into our nurseries.

  • Quarantine of all stock purchased that is brought into the nursery.

  • Chemical treatment of all stock brought into Logan's nursery.

  • Prevention Treatments to all stock on site at Logan's nursery sites.

There are more than 25 known host species affected by or susceptible to Myrtle Rust:

Please browse the below links for more information on the issue, or call Biosecurity on 13 25 23.

Biosecurity Queensland

Movement Controls Qld Gov

AQIS/DAFF Myrtle Rust Information

NSW Biosecurity

Host List and image gallery - NSW DPI

Vicotria DPI myrtle rust restrictions

SA Plant Standard

Tasmanian Import Restrictions

Download the Myrtle Rust Fact Sheet here: Myrtle Rust Fact Sheet

Logans Nursery Goes Online!

Darcy Green - Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We have now established this wonderful website to bring us in line with the rest of our business. Our website shows the quality of service and stock that Logans Nursery can provide for your business. Keep an eye on this
page for updates and news of what we are up to inside and out of our nursery.