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Myrtle Rust - Detection and Prevention

Darcy Green - Monday, February 07, 2011

Just before Christmas "Myrtle Rust" was detected at a retail nursery north of Brisbane. Further to that Myrtle Rust has been identified in additional nurseries in South-East Queensland and must be taken seriously.

Logan's Nursery has implemented multiple controls to avoid contracting "Myrtle Rust" including:

  • Avoiding the provision of any Myrtaceae family species into our nurseries.

  • Quarantine of all stock purchased that is brought into the nursery.

  • Chemical treatment of all stock brought into Logan's nursery.

  • Prevention Treatments to all stock on site at Logan's nursery sites.

There are more than 25 known host species affected by or susceptible to Myrtle Rust:

Please browse the below links for more information on the issue, or call Biosecurity on 13 25 23.

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Download the Myrtle Rust Fact Sheet here: Myrtle Rust Fact Sheet